If you want to send the webpage or the content of the iPhone clipboard to your computer connected through the local network, iForwarder is the app for you.

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Xelia Server 1.1 for Mac : Download



Xelia Server 1.1 for Windows : Download


. 31/05/2011 Xelia Server Release 1.1

What's new:

  • implements two-way synchronization of the iPhone's clipboard with the clipboard of the Server: if you want to open a web page from your PC on your iPhone just put the URL in the clipboard of the computer browser, it will appear on your iPhone when you open the iForwarder's view clipboard. To open the URL on the iPhone then just use tap;
  • putting text into the clipboard of the computer it will appear in the view of iForwarder's clipboard and with a simple tap on it this text will be copied to the iPhone's clipboard, so it is available for pasting anywhere;
  • bug fix for server led's color.


To correctly update the program, close the previous version and overwrite it with the new file to have the new features available

Xelia Server 1.1 works correctly with iForwarder 1.0 and 1.1