If you want to send the webpage or the content of the iPhone clipboard to your computer connected through the local network, iForwarder is the app for you.

Installation (3): Bookmarklet








Install the Bookmarklet into Mobile Safari on IPhone/IPod, follow these simple steps.

A. Save on your Bookmark

Open Safari on your IPhone/IPod and Apri Safari sul tuo IPhone/IPod e type up the following URL in the address bar, make sure the "Bookmarks Bar" is visible. If it is not, go to the menu View > Show Bookmarks Bar:



Once the page loads (as shown below)


Click on the icon below ADD, and the following screen will open :



and the click on the button



B. EDIT your Bookmark

Tap the Bookmarks button at the bottom of the screen, navigate through your Bookmarks folders until you find the new "I Forwarder" bookmark. Click Edit. That what you'll see:



Place your cursor in the second field and remove all take the DELETE key. Then copy the following code:


 javascript:(function(){var l=window.location.href;
var a=window.open("iforward://"+l).document;})();

and paste it into the field that you have deleted on your iPhone / iPod, and press .


At this point your Bookmarklet is up!