If you want to send the webpage or the content of the iPhone clipboard to your computer connected through the local network, iForwarder is the app for you.

iForwarder - versione 1.1


Now is available on iTunes the version 1.1 of iForwarder.


  • Are you browsing the Internet and you're on a page with Flash content, you need to download a file link in the site or just want to watch it on the monitor of your computer? Go to this link and install the iForwarder bookmarklet on Mobile Safari. After that you can open the URL on your computer with just a tap.


  • Are you using an application and would like to bring its text content into the text in a document you're editing on your computer? nothing easier, copy the text to the clipboard of your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then open iForwarder. In the section devoted to the clipboard you will see the previously copied text. You can tap on the text and you will find it again immediately in your computer's clipboard, ready to be pasted where you want.


  • Have you received a mail and there is an attached file (PDF, txt, ...)? Displays the attachment in the email, you will be asked to open it in iForwarder, which will transfer the file to your computer and will be immediately receive the application associated with the file extension.


  • Are you reading a web page on the Mac at home and you have to go out, want to gostraight to the iPhone and continue to read the page away from home? Just put the URL in the clipboard of the computer browser, it will appear on your iPhone when you open the iForwarder's view clipboard. To open the URL on the iPhone then just use tap.